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The eleven of hearts and European trade mark reform

European Trade Mark Reform

On 1 October 2017, certain key changes will come into force in respect of EU Trade Mark law and procedure. What are these changes and how will they affect trade […]

4 tips for landlords to avoid invalid section 21 notices

Section 21

Getting your property back from your tenant can be tricky if don’t follow the correct procedure.  You can either serve a Section 8 notice or a Section 21 notice depending on […]

Does consumer law apply to landlords?


Not many landlords would typically associate themselves with consumer law. Most landlords would normally refer to themselves as investors, however they are providing a service (a home) to consumers (their […]

How to attract & convert clients: A Rocket Lawyer event


On Thursday 25th January 2018, 25 of Rocket Lawyer’s On Call lawyers gathered at our UK offices for a workshop on ‘How to attract & convert clients’. Since Rocket Lawyer […]

We’re hiring! Mobile Developer, DevOps & Software FE Engineer

Rocket Lawyer UK team banner - January 2016

Excellent opportunity for a Mobile Developer or Software Engineer to join a thriving legal technology company based in Shoreditch. Apply today!

We’re hiring! Senior Product Designer at Rocket Lawyer UK

Rocket Lawyer UK team banner - January 2016

Excellent opportunity for a Senior Product Designer to join a thriving legal technology company based in Shoreditch. Apply today!

GDPR – How can you prepare for the GDPR?


With the new GDPR regulations set to be introduced in May 2018, companies have less than half a year left to ensure that they are fully compliant. Failure to comply […]

Returning unwanted Christmas gifts


It’s inevitable that there will be one Christmas where you unwrap a disappointing gift. Whether it’s a jumper that isn’t your style, or some cooking utensils you’ll never use, you […]

Digital signage and copyright


Digital signage is a form of technology which allows you to present great content in an effective manner. It’s up to you to provide the great content and it’s important […]

What rights do fathers have following separation?

Fathers rights

When a couple separates, the toughest discussions usually centre around the children. Whilst we hear a lot about mother’s rights, it’s sometimes less clear what fathers are entitled to and […]

Are employers obliged to pay a Christmas bonus?

Christmas bonus

In the lead up to the festive holidays, one subject which confuses people is Christmas bonuses. One of the biggest questions asked by both employers and employees at this time […]

What to tell staff before the Christmas party

‘Tis the season for office holiday parties! It is that time of year again, when your calendar quickly fills up with invites from family, friends, and workplaces. On top of […]

Supporting local businesses on Small Business Saturday

Small business

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are great times to shop for sale items (who doesn’t love 30% off), but these days largely benefit corporations and large retailers. Small Business Saturday […]