Beautiful mature daughter hugging her senior mother.
Beautiful mature daughter hugging her senior mother.

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I SWEAR I’m telling the truth – an overview of the modern affidavit

Modern affidavits - how to swear what you know is true

The word “affidavit” is Medieval Latin for “he has declared upon oath.” What are affidavits? Affidavits are a written statement of fact made voluntarily under oath and administered by a […]

What’s new in employment law?

Employment law update 2016

There are a number of new pieces of employment law legislation due to come into force in the coming months and a number of important rulings employers need to be […]

Tackling domestic violence – first steps

Sad woman sitting alone in a empty room

One of the most difficult steps in tackling domestic violence is first acknowledging that it’s taking place. It may have been something that has built up over several years of […]

Who owns intellectual property created by an employee?

Employees and IP

Intellectual property (IP) is the lifeblood of many companies, whether this involves a product reliant on a patent or consists of designs or artistic creations. But the actual creators of […]

Employee references: what are the obligations of an employer?

Employee references

Ending an employment relationship is often fraught with potential difficulties, particularly if you need to dismiss an employee. Even once you have successfully followed any relevant processes for dismissal or […]

Spousal maintenance – what you need to know

Spousal support - what you need to know

Spousal maintenance is not the same as child maintenance but it can be claimed upon divorce alongside any capital and pension claims. The payment is made by either by the […]

Care costs and the impact on inheritance

Beautiful mature daughter hugging her senior mother.

The continuing roll-out of inheritance tax reforms is lessening many people’s concerns about their family’s inheritance being eaten into by the demands of the taxman. The impact of care costs, […]

There’s no such thing as robot lawyers

There's no such thing as robot lawyers

Recently I took part in the Legal Debate Series at Thomson Reuters on the topic of Artificial Intelligence in law. The motion was that Artificial Intelligence will fail to have […]

Seed funding – the deal with Term sheets


“Shall I compare thee investor to a summer’s day?” “How very romanticised!” I hear you cry, but if you think about it, the relationship between a start-up and an investor […]

3 steps to comply with new company law: PSC


If you are a company owner, or setting up a new company, you may be subject to new company law legislation that requires companies to have a Register of People […]

Brexit – what’s next for employment law?

Image relative to politic relationships between Europe Union and United Kingdom. National flags on concrete textured backdrop. Brexit theme

Will workers’ rights be eroded as ‘remainers’ allege, or will the UK be free to make and enforce its own employment laws without EU interference? How else will the decision for […]

Periodical Payments and Mortgage Applications following Divorce

Mortgage loan agreement application with house shaped keyring

Many people who have been through a divorce are now receiving a significant proportion or all of their income from periodical payments either in the form of spousal maintenance and/or […]