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Child maintenance: £4 billion nationwide in arrears

Child maintenance payments

Across the country, there are single parents not receiving child maintenance payments which they are entitled to. £9 million is owed to single parents in Derby. £54 million is owed […]

Formalising debt: loan agreements and promissory notes

Loans and promissory notes

If you are considering loaning money to – or borrowing money from – another business or individual, it’s a good idea to set out some of the key terms in […]

Tackling domestic violence – first steps

Sad woman sitting alone in a empty room

One of the most difficult steps in tackling domestic violence is first acknowledging that it’s taking place. It may have been something that has built up over several years of […]

Who owns intellectual property created by an employee?

Employees and IP

Intellectual property (IP) is the lifeblood of many companies, whether this involves a product reliant on a patent or consists of designs or artistic creations. But the actual creators of […]

Employee references: what are the obligations of an employer?

Employee references

Ending an employment relationship is often fraught with potential difficulties, particularly if you need to dismiss an employee. Even once you have successfully followed any relevant processes for dismissal or […]

How to sort out your finances during divorce

woman and her lawyer in conversation with husband during divorce process

As we’ve heard over the last week, Amber Heard and Johnny Depp are to divorce. Heard has cited irreconcilable differences for the split, and may be entitled to at least […]

Child custody – Making arrangements for children after divorce

Child custody

If you’re getting divorced or separating from a long term partner, the impact upon any children is often the most complicated and sensitive issue. Many questions surrounding child custody will […]

Need to vent about your rent? Your rights as a tenant

Vent your rent

Tenants are tweeting about their worst rental property experiences with the hashtag #VentYourRent, started by Generation Rent to highlight tenants’ issues. These include high rents, vermin, and damp. Read Rocket […]

Trade marks and trade mark trolls

Trade mark trolls

All entrepreneurs should be aware of their rights regarding intellectual property (IP) and how to protect these (potentially very valuable) assets. Words, logos, sounds, symbols and slogans can all be […]

Keeping your trade secrets – secret!

Keep your trade secrets secret

Some of the most important assets of many startups or small businesses consist of their intellectual property and/or trade secrets such as market strategies and client lists. However, in order to […]

The redundancy policy is now live!

Redundancy policy - new document

Rocket Lawyer’s newest document, the redundancy policy is now live! Read on to find out why you need this policy for your business. 

5 questions to ask when hiring for your startup

5 questions to ask when hiring for your startup

1. What goals do I need to achieve? As a new business, you are likely to have certain goals to realise. A good way to help you decide who to […]