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5 things employers need to know about GDPR!


GDPR – 4 letters that has everyone concerned (and with good reason).

How do I dismiss my employee legally?

Ask a lawyer

At Rocket Lawyer UK we’ve helped to answer over 10,000 legal questions from our members since 2012. From doing some analysis we’ve managed to pick out some common issues that […]

Mind the gender pay gap: An analysis

Gender pay gap

It’s been almost a year since the Gender Pay Gap Regulations came into effect which required employers with more than 250 employees to publish their gender pay data. All public […]

Are employers obliged to pay a Christmas bonus?

Christmas bonus

In the lead up to the festive holidays, one subject which confuses people is Christmas bonuses. One of the biggest questions asked by both employers and employees at this time […]

What to tell staff before the Christmas party

‘Tis the season for office holiday parties! It is that time of year again, when your calendar quickly fills up with invites from family, friends, and workplaces. On top of […]

Why do you need an employment lawyer?

Employment lawyers

Are you a new employer who needs help understanding how to manage your employees? Are you unsure of the proper ways to discipline your employees? Employment lawyers can assist you […]

Calculating holiday entitlement made easy

Holiday entitlement

When you employ staff you’ll need to calculate the amount of holiday they’re entitled to. The amount of annual leave an employee is entitled to differs depending on several factors. […]

6 tips for working from home

Working from home

Letting staff work from home to receive deliveries, wait for the plumber or even rest a sprained ankle is a popular perk at Rocket Lawyer. We can easily work remotely. […]

Don’t yell “You’re fired” to your employees – Dismissal explained


For those that watch The Apprentice on television, you’ll know the notorious phrase – You’re fired – quoted by the business magnate and media personality, Alan Sugar. However firing an […]

General Election 2017 – Employment policies

Don’t know who to vote for on 8 June? Samantha Jolliffe gives us the lowdown on what the main political parties have in store for business and employment.

Workplace blues – Surviving or Thriving?

Mental Health Smile

I’m going to be confronting a topic which many of us won’t talk about: Mental health. It used to be a topic which was rarely talked about and something that […]

“You must be paid this high to ride” – a guide on the minimum wage

Minimum wage

Let’s be honest – We all look forward to receiving that pay cheque at the end of the month. But are we always so sure that we’re getting paid the […]