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7 reasons why you should quit your job and join a startup

Many hats

Every now and then, I get asked why I made the leap from corporate gig to technology startup. I’d seen Rocket Lawyer’s products, believed in its mission and liked its […]

Mind the gender pay gap

Gender pay gap

Equal pay in Hollywood has caught a great deal of attention recently. It’s clear when you look at the numbers. In 2016, the highest earning actress, Jennifer Lawrence, earned a […]

What’s new in employment law?

Employment law update 2016

There are a number of new pieces of employment law legislation due to come into force in the coming months and a number of important rulings employers need to be […]

Who owns intellectual property created by an employee?

Employees and IP

Intellectual property (IP) is the lifeblood of many companies, whether this involves a product reliant on a patent or consists of designs or artistic creations. But the actual creators of […]

Employee references: what are the obligations of an employer?

Employee references

Ending an employment relationship is often fraught with potential difficulties, particularly if you need to dismiss an employee. Even once you have successfully followed any relevant processes for dismissal or […]

Brexit – what’s next for employment law?

Image relative to politic relationships between Europe Union and United Kingdom. National flags on concrete textured backdrop. Brexit theme

Will workers’ rights be eroded as ‘remainers’ allege, or will the UK be free to make and enforce its own employment laws without EU interference? How else will the decision for […]

5 questions to ask when hiring for your startup

5 questions to ask when hiring for your startup

1. What goals do I need to achieve? As a new business, you are likely to have certain goals to realise. A good way to help you decide who to […]

Zero hours contracts in 2016 – zero gain?

Zero hours contract

Zero hours contracts have attracted a lot of conversation in recent years, with particular regard to exclusivity clauses.  In July 2014, we considered the proposed changes to zero hours contracts, […]

Are employers allowed to monitor employee emails?

To what extent are employers allowed to monitor employee emails?

In the case of Barbulescu v Romania, the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) ruled that an employer monitoring personal messages sent by an employee at work did not unlawfully […]

Twenty pence increase in minimum wage to £6.70 per hour

Increase in minimum wage

The hourly minimum wage has increased by 20p taking the new adult salary up to £6.70 an hour. Introduced on 1 October, the new rate has come into force ahead […]

Employment tribunal system needs radical reform – Law Society

Employment tribunal reform

Unlawful employment practices will continue to go unpunished unless the tribunal system is overhauled, the Law Society has warned today. The Law Society has published proposals to transform the employment […]

New employment law enables Sikhs to wear turbans in all workplaces

New employment law enables Sikhs to wear turbans in all workplaces

Sikhs will now be able to wear turbans in all workplaces after a new employment law came into force across the UK last month. The BBC reports that the rule […]