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Data protection and discrimination: From recruitment to the workplace

data protection

There are certain rules on data protection that each business must consider in order to ensure that they are compliant with UK law. However, the collection of data occurs long […]

How to reject job applications whilst staying compliant with the law

Rejecting job applicants

It’s never easy telling someone they haven’t got the job. Especially if they’ve taken the time out to come in for an interview. It’s common courtesy to tell the applicant […]

The gig economy – where are we now?

Establishing the employment status of persons they have engaged has for long, been a tricky area for employers. Is the individual working in an employee capacity (and therefore, entitled to […]

Zero hours contracts in 2016 – zero gain?

Zero hours contract

Zero hours contracts have attracted a lot of conversation in recent years, with particular regard to exclusivity clauses.  In July 2014, we considered the proposed changes to zero hours contracts, […]

How new rules on zero hours contracts could affect small businesses

Zero hours contract changes for small businesses

Business secretary Vince Cable recently announced government plans to ban exclusivity clauses in zero hours contracts. I’ll outline the legal issues surrounding this increasingly popular type of employment contract and […]

8 key points to remember when hiring staff

Flexible working

It’s a daunting thought, taking on your first employee. It’s not helped by all the myths surrounding the employment process: about red tape, discrimination and – worst case scenario – […]