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Everything You Need to Know About Cohabitation in 2019


First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes…buying a house? Not necessarily in that order.

How do prenups affect couples?


Prenuptial agreements (prenups) have been increasing in popularity, with couples looking to protect themselves following divorce. Although this seems like a reasonable and wise action to take, recent figures suggest […]

What is a common law marriage?


A 2017 poll conducted by Resolution found that there are 3.3m cohabiting couples. Two-thirds of these couples do not know that legally, ‘common law marriage’ does not exist. The poll was conducted to […]

How to handle a divorce when adultery is involved


Divorce proceedings are generally challenging situations at the best of times but divorces due to adultery can be even more so. The person wanting the divorce may well be full […]

How are surviving spouses treated in the UK?

Surviving spouses

“With all my worldly goods I thee endow”, it’s one of the basic assumptions of a marriage (or civil partnership). The spouse/civil partner (and any children born of the union) […]

3 common marriage myths debunked

Marriage Myths

Marriage is “Till death us do part” but the reality is that marital breakup is a fact of life in the 21st century. Just as the act of getting married […]

6 questions about prenuptial agreements

6 questions about prenups

Creating a prenuptial agreement (and therefore planning for a potential split) may seem like the complete opposite of what to do when you’re about to get married. However, creating a […]

6 steps to make your prenup valid

Validity of a prenup

The number of couples entering into a prenuptial agreement prior to their wedding is rising, and although it might seem somehow unromantic, protecting your assets in case things go wrong […]

3 legal documents for couples

3 legal documents for couples

Thinking about proposing on Valentine’s day? Buying a house with your partner? Moving in together? When making exciting decisions it’s easy to forget about legal matters, but discussing things up […]

5 reasons to say “I do” to the prenup

5 reasons to say I do to a prenup

In March 2015, Cheryl Fernandez-Versini (as she was known back then) made headlines, after her whirlwind marriage to Jean Bernard came to a steady halt after nineteen months. The split […]

Gay couple lose court fight for equal pension rights

Royal courts of justice

A gay man has lost a legal bid for his husband to be recognised with the same pension rights as a wife would have in a heterosexual relationship. The BBC […]

Getting your finances sorted as a couple

Getting your finances sorted as a couple

There has been a lot of talk in the press recently about ‘pre-nups’ and ‘no-nups’ that couples can sign to agree their finances, whether they are planning to get married […]