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We’re hiring! Product Manager, DevOps & Software Developers

Rocket Lawyer UK team banner - January 2016

Rocket Lawyer UK are hiring a new team to work on a big project. We’re looking for a Product Manager, Java Engineer and a DevOps Engineer to work in London and […]

There’s no such thing as robot lawyers

There's no such thing as robot lawyers

Recently I took part in the Legal Debate Series at Thomson Reuters on the topic of Artificial Intelligence in law. The motion was that Artificial Intelligence will fail to have […]

3 steps to comply with new company law: PSC


If you are a company owner, or setting up a new company, you may be subject to new company law legislation that requires companies to have a Register of People […]

New rules for compliance with Companies House

Companies House Compliance

From 6 April 2016, companies, Societates Europaeae and Limited Liability Partnerships must keep a register of individuals or legal entities that have control over them. These people are known as […]

We’re hiring! UX Designer, Java Engineers, DevOps & QA Analysts

Rocket Lawyer UK team banner - January 2016

Rocket Lawyer UK are hiring a new team to work on a big project. We’re looking for a UX Designer, two Java Engineers, one Full-stack Engineer, one DevOps Engineer and three […]

The future of legal services is good for lawyers and consumers

Society of Asian Lawyers - Future of law event - March 2016

Lawyers have nothing to fear about Artificial Intelligence replacing them in our lifetimes, despite predictions that they will. In fact as the legal sector modernises we’ll need more lawyers to […]

The redundancy policy is now live!

Redundancy policy - new document

Rocket Lawyer’s newest document, the redundancy policy is now live! Read on to find out why you need this policy for your business. 

Can ‘no fault divorce’ work in the UK?

Can 'no fault divorce' work in the UK

In many countries throughout the world it is possible to obtain a divorce without the requirement of providing a fault on behalf of their spouse. However, in the UK this […]

Are employers allowed to monitor employee emails?

To what extent are employers allowed to monitor employee emails?

In the case of Barbulescu v Romania, the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) ruled that an employer monitoring personal messages sent by an employee at work did not unlawfully […]

New cyber security law to be enforced across major companies

New cyber security laws

Firms in Britain will be forced to publicly declare data breaches after stern legislation on cyber security was approved by European lawmakers. The landmark changes could lead to companies being […]

Christmas shoppers urged to use their rights as complaints soar

Christmas presents

Faulty goods, misleading claims and substandard services mean Christmas presents fly back on to the shelves in January, according to new figures from Citizens Advice. Analysis by the charity shows […]

Gay couple lose court fight for equal pension rights

Royal courts of justice

A gay man has lost a legal bid for his husband to be recognised with the same pension rights as a wife would have in a heterosexual relationship. The BBC […]