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Are rental deposit protection schemes in need of urgent reform?


Deposits have long been one of the biggest sticking points in the property market. It’s obvious why landlords want them and even many tenants would probably recognise that the principle […]

How do I deal with unpaid rent?


At Rocket Lawyer UK, we’ve helped to answer over 10,000 legal questions from our members since 2012. From doing some analysis we’ve managed to pick out some common issues that […]

New HMO legislation confirmed for October 2018


The government has confirmed that there will be an extension of the licensing rules for Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) and that all landlords covered by the rules must apply […]

New codes of practice for letting and managing agents


The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government has announced that a code of practice and an independent regulator will be introduced for letting and managing agents in England, specifically […]

Are you complying with the new energy regulations?


As a landlord you have a number of responsibilities either directly to your tenants or for the specifics of your property. Recent changes regarding Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) means landlords […]

4 tips for landlords to avoid invalid section 21 notices

Section 21

Getting your property back from your tenant can be tricky if don’t follow the correct procedure.  You can either serve a Section 8 notice or a Section 21 notice depending on […]

Have we seen an end to retaliatory eviction?

Repairs needed!

Retaliatory eviction was a problem for many years, until the government added new anti-retaliatory protection to the statute book. Will the new government measures prevent these types of evictions and […]

Nearly 25% of UK landlords entered the business accidentally

Terraced houses

Around 360,000 UK landlords came into the residential private rental market accidentally or unintentionally, a report has revealed. The National Landlords Association (NLA) survey asked landlords why they first entered […]

NLA makes it easier for tenants to check their landlords

London city street

The National Landlords Association (NLA) has launched its initiative to enable tenants to check if their landlord is accredited. Providing a simple method for tenants to check whether their landlord […]

Buy-to-let landlords face paying thousands to hit new green targets

Buy-to-let landlords face paying thousands to hit new green targets

Buy-to-let landlords across the UK could be hit with thousands of pounds worth of bills under new green targets for their properties. From April 2018, landlords will be legally required […]

Check your tenant has the “Right to Rent” or you could face a fine

Apartments at sunset

A new scheme being piloted in the West Midlands means private landlords could face heavy fines if they fail to check whether new tenants have the right to rent in […]

8 things you need to consider when buying to let

Property Law at Rocket Lawyer

As with everything in life, the more you put into finding the right property, the right mortgage and even the right tenant, the more you will get out of your […]