Press Coverage


  • The Guardian

    Even in a profession as traditional as law, technology is powerful enough to kill and create a range of roles. Rocket Lawyer, a subscription-based online legal services provider, is a technology firm that provides pre-prepared documents and legal advice from experts at participating firms. It needs law graduates to fill the sort of roles you’d typically find at startups and tech companies. “Lawyers are very methodical, detailed people with strong analytical skills,” says Mark Edwards, general manager of the company’s UK arm. This enables them to work particularly well with computers.

  • Daily Mail

    “Wedding dresses and venues might top the list of internet searches for most brides-to-be, but not for Cassie Newnham. When her boyfriend of four years popped the question, the 33-year-old wasted no time Googling prenuptial agreements instead. Despite being head over heels in love with Brendon, 38, Cassie, who lives in London and is originally from South Africa, had spent years working hard to save for her future. And as her heart raced with wedding plans, her head told her to protect her assets."