Rocket Lawyer introduces a free legal service in the UK

August 12, 2013

For the first time in the UK, legal services will be made easier and more affordable than ever thanks to the introduction of a free three-day complete legal service from Rocket Lawyer.

On a mission to simplify the law, cut out the jargon and reduce the costs of legal matters, they intend to convert everyone who may be intimidated by the complexity, time and expense currently involved.

The only complete online legal service in the UK, Rocket Lawyer combines smart, easy-to-use legal documents and access to a wide network of specialist lawyers from around the UK, which they call their ‘On Call’ lawyers. This is designed to empower people to take charge of all their business and personal legal needs.

Mark Edwards, Vice President and General Manager of Rocket Lawyer UK comments: “We know that access to the current legal system is daunting and expensive. Increasingly, people are turning to the web to find answers to their legal issues, so we are proud to be introducing to the UK for the first time a complete online legal service that is both affordable and simple .”


There is one complete membership plan for all your legal needs, whether you want to create legal documents yourself, or need help from a lawyer.

£25 per month gives you access to:

  • unlimited legal documents
  • one free 30 minute consultation with an On Call lawyer per month
  • a pre-negotiated discount of up to 33% off all additional legal fees

There are significant savings to be made, especially for start-ups, small businesses and independent entrepreneurs, who know how costs can quickly escalate when using a lawyer to produce contracts, draw out agreements or settle disputes. These ‘make or break’ costs can be reaped from the first month alone.

THE BONUS: What’s more, Rocket Lawyer is offering full access to the above services, free of charge for three days for everyone who wishes to road-test Rocket Lawyer and take advantage of its offering.


Create all the legal documents that are vital for any business operation from employment contracts, confidentiality agreements and health and safety policies to shareholders and lease agreements. You can create, download, print, edit, share and ‘e-sign’ all your documents at any time.

If you need further help in drafting specific clauses, have any questions or would like extra reassurance, you can use your free consultation with an On Call lawyer to ensure you are fully informed about all the facts and legally protected. This complete service, which is right at your fingertips, allows you to take control of your legal matters conveniently, safely and efficiently.

For all additional requirements, rest assured that you’ll be saving up to a third off all legal fees and consultations, an arrangement that Rocket Lawyer has pre-negotiated with all their On Call lawyers to give you the best deal.


Based in London’s Tech City, Rocket Lawyer has a buzzy and enterprising start-up culture, which when coupled with their refreshing tech-friendly, jargon-free and cost-effective product, means that they are on course to transform any preconceptions of the legal industry today.

Fiercely supportive of entrepreneurship and small businesses, Rocket Lawyer hope that by making legal matters as transparent and straightforward as possible and providing a viable alternative to the current legal solutions, they can help to get the UK inspired and booming again.

Rocket Lawyer is already one of the fastest growing companies in the USA and is now the most widely used online legal service in America. Now, Rocket Lawyer hopes to recreate that success in the UK too.

About Rocket Lawyer

Rocket Lawyer is a complete online legal service that is transforming the legal industry in the UK by providing individuals and businesses with straightforward and affordable access to legal help online. By combining smart, easy-to-use legal documents and access to a wide network of specialist lawyers via the Rocket Lawyer On Call service, Rocket Lawyer empowers people to take a more proactive approach to their business and personal legal needs.

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