Press Releases

  • September 23, 2016Sectors Donut launched earlier this month, joining the five Donut business resource websites that focus on law, tax, technology, marketing and starting up.Sectors Donut provides expert advice on […]

  • Joint Venture's Patented Technology Will Empower Millions of Europeans With Access to Lawyers and Legal Documentation Legal help in Europe will soon cost less and be easier to navigate. On Wednesday 7th September, Rocket Lawyer and Editions Lefebvre Sarrut (ELS), a leading European legal publishing company, announced their joint venture to launch Rocket Lawyer Europe.

  • Wedding dresses and venues might top the list of internet searches for most brides-to-be, but not for Cassie Newnham. When her boyfriend of four years popped the question, the 33-year-old wasted no time Googling prenuptial agreements. The couple used online law firm Rocket Lawyer to draw up an official agreement and Cassie thinks more brides-to-be should consider doing the same. She said: 'You can tailor your prenup to whatever you want it to be, and it also protects you from debt. We entered our details, declared what our savings and assets are and it gets checked by a lawyer.' […] read more >>

  • Even in a profession as traditional as law, technology is powerful enough to kill and create a range of roles. Rocket Lawyer, a subscription-based online legal services provider, is a technology firm that provides pre-prepared documents and legal advice from experts at participating firms. It needs law graduates to fill the sort of roles you’d typically find at startups and tech companies. “Lawyers are very methodical, detailed people with strong analytical skills,” says Mark Edwards, general manager of the company’s UK arm. This enables them to work particularly well with computers. […] read more >>

  • The UK rules about what happens when a person dies without having made a will, a term known as intestacy, change on 1 October 2014. This is something that affects a lot of families - around one in three people die without a valid will in place. The change of rules will adjust how much a spouse or civil partner is entitled to when there are no children and simplify how an estate is shared when there is a partner and children. It needn’t cost the earth to put together a will. You can actually create one for free with an online template through a provider, such as […] read more >>