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Rocket Round Up: Buy Local!

Small Business News

A Federation of Small Businesses report out this week revealed the power of small businesses in the community. The research which surveyed local authorities across the UK found that last year they spent a total of £8.7 billion buying goods and services in their local area. Importantly, 58 per cent more of the money spent by local authorities with small firms is re-spent in the local economy compared to that spent with large businesses in the same area. The findings highlight how doing business locally is better value for money as small local firms generated £746 million more for the local economy compared to large local businesses – even though more than £500 million less was spent with them. The full report can be found here [pdf]

Faster broadband speeds and better IT infrastructure which are enabling business people to access their critical business information wherever they are and when they need it over the internet mean that remote working continues to grow in popularity with small businesses. While many people choose the coffee shop or the train to work, some people make more unusual choices and the Guardian Small Biz Network are keen to have some photos of your wacky workplaces .

Richard-BransonIf you are working from home, operate through a limited company and want to provide a contractual basis for renting your home office then you may be interested to use Rocket Lawyer UK’s simple home office lease agreement. This may help you to claim back, for tax purposes, your overheads in running the business.

Also highlighted this week was the fact that many small businesses are failing to claim back VAT and are missing out on significant savings. Find out here what you can claim for and how.

Richard Branson believes that “If you have a happy company it will be invincible.” but how do you create the positive working environment that helps a workforce to be happy and creative? To start with, here’s five ways to make your staff great at team working. Then Microsoft’s Steve Coplin wants to see an end to open plan offices and more flexible working.

How old is too old to found a company? If these 9 entrepreneurs are anything to go by, the answer is you’re never too old. Whatever age you are, from starting up to taking on staff to protecting your intellectual property, RLUK will be there to support and guide you through all the legal bits when you’re ready to go it alone.

Tech and Social Media News

This week, Tech City News wrote about how “Facebook’s new News Feed ads are absolutely killing it” as a new study showed that Facebook news feed ads generate 49 times more clicks at 45% less cost.

Businesses that use Instagram for marketing may also be interested in the fact that it’s easier now to embed and share your photos and videosRed_Kitten_01


Missing your pet while you’re at the office or on a business trip? New technology is helping owners to interact with their pets even when they are a long way away.

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Mark Edwards

Vice President & General Manager UK at Rocket Lawyer
Mark has a decade of experience as an innovator and business leader in the UK legal industry, specialising in creating and growing new businesses based on sound market insight and customer need. As the General Manager of Rocket Lawyer UK, he is focused on growing the business which launched in November 2012.