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Rocket Round Up: Eureka!

It’s generally agreed that creativity is a desirable thing to aspire to but is a creative brain one that is born or can it be nurtured and taught how to be creative? Scientists have been exploring this idea and have come up with five ways to be more creative. They don’t look too difficult to have a go at and you never know know where inspiration may strike. Take the inventor of the Post It note 3M chemist Arthur Fry who was trying to find a bookmark for his hymn book in church. He realised he could use a special adhesive invented by his colleague Spencer Silver to make a marker and so the office essential was born.

Start a business today!

Rocket Lawyer’s legal editor, Pieta das Gupta, was of the opinion this week that there’s never been a better time to start a business. If you want to join the 4 million people already working for themselves, we’re here to help with our quick guides on how to get started and our business plans which allow you to create and store documents online, be able to find a lawyer quickly when you need it and get 33% off legal costs for as little as £100 a year.

Smallbiz news

In the budget this week the government announced a number of measures to help small businesses, including small firm exemption from paying National Insurance. It’s hoped that this will encourage small firms to expand their workforce.

Also in the news this week, although the House of Lords has blocked the ‘shares for rights’ plan, George Osborne has announced his intention to continue to push for it.

Meanwhile, Legal Futures revealed the findings from the yet to published Legal Services Board survey of 9,000 small businesses that SMEs are deeply unhappy with legal services and that many of their legal needs go unmet fearing the ‘hourly rate’.

Also discussed this week was the issue of bereavement leave and whether a statutory minimum should be introduced to ensure people have time to recover from the loss of their loved ones.


It was Twitter’s 7th birthday this week and they feel they have a few milestones to celebrate. Are you a habitual tweeter or do you prefer to lurk?

Oh and watch out Twitter, Facebook is stealing your hashtag!

Have a good week.

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