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Rocket Round Up: Happiness is a good business plan

Small Business News

Raising capital for a new venture can be a daunting prospect for new entrepreneurs. James Caan, of Dragon’s Den fame, offers his top 10 tips for creating a successful funding pitch.


How do you know if your business idea is any good? What are the warning signs that that you might not have a success on your hands after all? Last week’s Guardian Smallbiz Q&A discusses how to avoid failure.

RLUK’s Head of Legal, Pieta das Gupta, writes this week that when it comes to business relationships it is essential to make sure that you protect your interests with sensible planning in order to create a secure foundation for your venture and explains how Rocket Lawyer UK can help.

Here’s a good example of how poor business planning almost led this entrepreneur with a dream of running his own wine bar to disaster. Don’t get caught out, use RLUK’s guided business plan to help you set clear objectives and a strategy for growing your business.

In Employment Law news this week, some key changes came into operation on 29th July. The reforms include fees for bringing a case to tribunal and the capping the amount of compensation that can be awarded in a case of unfair dismissal. A brief summary of the changes can be found here.

Tech and Social Media News

Lots of people feel nervous of technology because it seems difficult to use. Tech City News this week highlights a new solution from tech startup The Device Company that hopes to make navigating essential apps on a tablet easier for older or “digitally nervous” users.


The Office of National Statistics suggests we’re all a little bit happier this year but which type of happy do you think you might be?


Have a great weekend!


Photos from Wikipedia and Action for Happiness on Pinterest

Mark Edwards

Vice President & General Manager UK at Rocket Lawyer
Mark has a decade of experience as an innovator and business leader in the UK legal industry, specialising in creating and growing new businesses based on sound market insight and customer need. As the General Manager of Rocket Lawyer UK, he is focused on growing the business which launched in November 2012.