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Rocket Round Up: pop ups and spare rooms

Small Business News

Some interesting thoughts this week about how pop up shops can benefit a small business in the short term and we also enjoyed Gem Misa’s useful insights into the value of perseverance when running your own business.

The Guardian Small Biz network ran a useful Q&A on how to write a business plan and of course, don’t forget that Rocket Lawyer UK have a comprehensive help and guidance section covering your legal responsibilities when you come to write your own plan. We can even help you with your board meeting minutes!

If you have a team that work in different locations and at different times as part of your business setup, then this article about different apps that help collaboration will be of interest.

Family Business

Our minds have also been on legal matters close to home this week. More specifically, renting out a spare room. RLUK’s Head of Legal Pieta Das Gupta writes this week that it’s a great way to raise a bit of much needed cash but  it is important to be prepared when taking a lodger into your home. RLUK offer both a helpful quick guide and a lodger agreement to give you peace of mind.


Another possibility for making a little extra money is to rent out a car parking space. To help you formalise any agreement you might make RLUK offer a car parking licence that will take you just 15 minutes to complete.

Social Media News

A couple of items of news from the world of social media this week may have some useful applications for marketing. Last week Facebook announced the introduction of hashtags allowing people to find conversations about the things that interest them and beginning this week, Instagram have launched their new video service in response to the rise of video services like Vine.


Lifehacker published some interesting articles on productivity this week, one of which challenged some of the myths around working effectively and another which questioned the 8 hour day as a model. It seems science doesn’t back up some of most deeply held beliefs on work.

And seriously, what’s going on with the weather?

Have a good weekend!


Mark Edwards

Vice President & General Manager UK at Rocket Lawyer
Mark has a decade of experience as an innovator and business leader in the UK legal industry, specialising in creating and growing new businesses based on sound market insight and customer need. As the General Manager of Rocket Lawyer UK, he is focused on growing the business which launched in November 2012.