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Rocket Round Up: The Queen’s Speech and Small Biz

Small Business News: The Queen’s Speech

The Queen’s Speech this week announced a number of new pieces of legislation that will affect small businesses. The new National Insurance Contributions Bill will mean that 450,000 small businesses will not pay any National Insurance Contributions, in the hope this will make it easier for them to take on new staff. The Deregulation Bill sees government making good on pledges to cut red tape and boost small business by enacting certain measures, including exempting the self-employed whose work poses no threat to others from health and safety legislation.

Also announced in the speech, the Intellectual Property Bill will ensure that British businesses can protect their inventions across EU countries with a single application and make the Intellectual Property (IP) system clearer and more accessible to small and medium-sized businesses. Rocket Lawyer have a series of quick guides about intellectual property if you’d like to learn more about protecting your ideas.

A draft Consumer Rights Bill, based on proposals published last year by the government will strengthen protection for people shopping on the internet, update laws for selling and purchasing digital content and consolidate eight pieces of current legislation on consumer rights in one place.

Also in small business news this week, research reveals that the people leading the economic recovery are young entrepreneurs and ‘silver startups’ but what obstacles and advantages are there to being an olderpreneur?

Starting a Business from Home

Small businesses operating from home often start as spare time projects for full timers to make a bit of extra money or pursue a hobby but there are pros and cons to starting up from home. If you feel ready to start up, here’s 5 key questions you might want to ask yourself. Whether your small business is offering goods or services from home, Rocket Lawyer UK are here to guide and support you with your decisions about business structures. We also offer low cost business plans that enable you to create essential documents and access legal help when you need it. 

Having Your Own Business is Awesome

So says Fauzia Burke who has run her own business for 18 years. Here’s 18 things she’s learned from being her own boss.


Is working 9-5 all wrong for the way we live now? Inhaling a sandwich at your desk while carrying on working might actually be making it harder for you to work effectively. Taking a lunch break could help you avoid that afternoon slump.

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