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Rocket Round Up: Cheers! XOXO!

Are you a yours sincerely or more of a xoxo sort of person when it comes to your email sign off? Perhaps you sign off with a cheers or maybe you don’t bother with anything but your name. Whatever your preference, here’s what your choice says about you (apparently).


The Jackson Effect

We are very excited to announce that Rocket Lawyer UK’s legal editor, Pieta das Gupta will be writing on topical legal issues on the RLUK blog. This week she assesses how Lord Justice Jackson’s recommendations on the costs of litigation, which will become law on April 1, are likely to affect small businesses if they have to go to court. As Pieta concludes, it’s never been more important to shop around and see who can offer your business the best deal when it comes to legal fees and finding an expert lawyer couldn’t be easier with RLUK. Complete one simple document and we’ll connect you with one of our lawyers on call. Our annual plans with lawyer consultation start at £40.

Royal visit to Tech City

This week saw a visit from Prince Andrew to Tech City to meet fast growing start ups in the area. RLUK Vice President & General Manager, Mark Edwards, was there to meet the prince and talk about the importance of affordable legal services for opening up access to the law to small businesses.

Entrepreneur news

Two stories we liked this week concerned women in business. Most people have used Eventbrite either to sign up to an event or to set up one. Julia Hartz explains how she grew this business into a multi-million dollar company. Here in the UK, two members of the legal profession talk about how they set up a sideline business and share some useful tips. Also this week, a new study asked 46 chief executives and business leaders for their views on what qualities make a good leader. Here are the 8 essential skills you need to lead.

Great inventions

Who invented bubble wrap? The pixel? Here’s 5 people you’ve (probably) never heard of who invented products that we use every day.

Speaking of world changing technology, British inventors have contributed their fair share of amazing discoveries from penicillin to the World Wide Web but which is best? Only one way to decide…VOTE!


I’m not just playing a game on my smartphone. Oh no. I’m training my brain.

Have a good weekend!

Mark Edwards

Vice President & General Manager UK at Rocket Lawyer
Mark has a decade of experience as an innovator and business leader in the UK legal industry, specialising in creating and growing new businesses based on sound market insight and customer need. As the General Manager of Rocket Lawyer UK, he is focused on growing the business which launched in November 2012.