Working at Rocket Lawyer

Vrushali Vrushali Product Manager
Jeffri Jeffri Engineering Manager
Dina Dina Customer Service Manager
Vladimir Vladimir Full-stack software engineer
Lauren Lauren Paralegal
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As a product manager, I am responsible for the delivery of the product, so I'm constantly collaborating with the design, marketing, engineering and data team to get things out the door. That's the best part of working here: the people. They're laid back and joke a lot, but are all high caliber and building toward a vision to provide the masses access to legal services. That's so inspiring.

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Jeffri manages the very capable team of engineers based in London to build innovative and mobile features on our web site for our customers. He previously worked for one of the world's largest IT companies, with experience in QA, development and support.

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Dina Puati is committed to delivering customer service that is as revolutionary as the Rocket Lawyer concept - placing the customer at the centre of our efforts to make the law accessible.

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Vladimir is an experienced software engineer who keeps up with latest technology trends. He has worked on multiple projects for companies in Europe and US. He is now developing the server side code of the Rocket Lawyer EU sites.

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Lauren is a paralegal at Rocket Lawyer UK. She is committed to producing useful legal templates and making legal services accessible to everyone.

Who we are

Rocket Lawyer UK team

Rocket Lawyer UK team, Shoreditch, London

What we do

Making the law more
simple and affordable for
everyone is our mission.
We all know someone who's gotten a bad break from the law. We may also know someone else who's made the law work for them-frmo the inventor with a valuable patent, to the employee with stock options, to the non-profit organization that receives legal and financial support for society-changing projects. Every day we spend our time and resources making it easier for people to get the legal help they need. If you'd like to spend your time with us, then join our team. You will work in a growing company, surrounded by the best talent. If you can contribute to an already strong environment, we want you and will compete for your skills.