Cohabitation and Marriage

If you decide to get married or move in with your partner, there are various legal formalities you'll need to be aware of, such as giving notice to the local registrar. You might also want to create documents that will protect each of your interests once you get married or cohabit.

If you're moving in with someone without getting married, a Cohabitation agreement will set out all the financial arrangements to avoid problems if the relationship breaks down. If you're buying a property together, a Declaration of trust will record equity shares. Remember to inform everyone of your Change of address when you move in together to avoid mix-ups or potential identity fraud.

If you're getting married or entering into a civil partnership, a Prenuptial agreement can ensure that the intentions of both yourself and your partner are recorded in the event that the relationship breaks down. A certificate of marriage or civil partnership is sufficient evidence of a name change if you want to adopt your spouse's surname, but if a different variation of name is needed, you can use a Statutory declaration of name change to do so. Finally when entering into any new significant relationship, you may decide that you want to create or review your Last will and testament to reflect your new circumstances.