Agreement between you and Rocket Lawyer UK Limited

These On Call Terms and Conditions are an agreement (the “Agreement”) between you (“Eligible Member”) and Rocket Lawyer UK Limited ("Rocket Lawyer", “we” or “us”) regarding your use of the Rocket Lawyer On CallTM (“On Call”) benefits and features, as set out below. These On Call Terms and Conditions, and the Terms and Conditions, which cover your use of the information, software, products, and services contained in or available through the website (the “Website”) constitute a legal agreement between you and Rocket Lawyer. On Call is offered to you subject to your acceptance without modification of the terms, conditions, and notices contained in these On Call Terms and Conditions. Your trial membership or purchase of a Rocket Lawyer Legal Plan constitutes your acceptance and agreement to all such terms, conditions, and notices.

It is important that you read these On Call Terms and Conditions, particularly the limited terms of engagement and disclaimers sections, which explain the basis on which the Rocket Lawyer On Call service is provided to you.

Rocket Lawyer On Call & Legal Plans

You can purchase an annual or monthly Rocket Lawyer Legal Plan. Rocket Lawyer Legal Plans may include certain access to legal Information, which includes, but is not limited to, questions, answers, articles and legal documents that are available on the Website. For Eligible Members (as defined below), Legal Plans may also include access to legal services from independent lawyers (“Service Providers”) on the basis of the On Call Terms and Conditions.

Service Providers are independent, third party lawyers or law firms. They are not Rocket Lawyer employees or agents, and do not represent Rocket Lawyer. Each Service Provider is solely responsible for the legal services provided directly to you. All such services are delivered in connection with a separate relationship between the Service Provider and you, to which we are not a party. Rocket Lawyer does not provide legal advice or services.

You cannot transfer or assign your Legal Plan to another party. However, certain benefits may allow an Eligible Member to extend coverage to your Eligible Family Members (as defined below), or your designated business. The "Effective Date" for each Eligible Family Member is the date on which the Eligible Member elects to extend coverage to such family member.

For the purposes of this Agreement:

1. The term “Eligible Member” includes any individual who purchases a Rocket Lawyer annual Legal Plan.

2. The term "Eligible Family Member" means an Eligible Member’s spouse or cohabiting partner, dependent children who are under the age of 18 and any dependent relatives living in the Eligible Member’s home, such as a parent. Each Eligible Family Member to whom you extend cover under this Agreement is considered an Eligible Member under On Call and is bound by the terms of this Agreement.

Benefits & Features

The following services may be available at no charge from your Service Provider:

Eligible Members have access to pre-negotiated billing rates and service commitments from a nationwide network of lawyers.

You will only be entitled to use On Call whilst you meet the criteria above for an Eligible Member or an Eligible Family Member.

Consultations and document reviews

Service provider will provide a combination of one free consultation or document review, as defined below, per Eligible Member per month.


Service Provider will provide free initial phone or in-person consultations (whichever, in the reasonable opinion of the Service Provider, is appropriate to the matter in question), limited to 30 minutes, for each new legal matter. Service Provider will answer any basic questions asked by the Eligible Member in relation to the legal matter during the consultation.

Service Provider will ensure that it is available, during normal business hours, for the initial free phone or in-person consultation within 5 days of accepting a request from Rocket Lawyer.

Document reviews.

Service Provider will:

  • review legal documents for each Eligible Member of up to 10 pages in length;
  • provide a consultation for up to 30 minutes with the Eligible Member to discuss any issues arising in relation to the documents reviewed;
  • answer any basic questions asked by the Eligible Member in relation to the documents reviewed during the consultation.

Service Provider will ensure that it is available, during normal business hours, for the initial free phone or in-person consultation, within 5 days of accepting a request from Rocket Lawyer.

To the extent the document is greater than the maximum length stated above, or there are comments or additional work to be completed, the discounted rate (as set out below) shall control for the additional work.

Rocket Lawyer will negotiate discounted rates for certain services from Service Providers and publish such pre-negotiated rates and services on the Website, if and when available to Eligible Members. If an Eligible Member engages a Service Provider, such Service Provider has contracted to charge 33.3% off the Service Provider’s usual and customary hourly rate for legal advice that goes beyond the benefits and features above.

In the case of additional services beyond the benefits and features listed above, including matters where the Service Provider provides a flat rate price for their services, other fee arrangements will be negotiated directly between the user and the Service Provider, as required.

Important: Services Providers may require additional payment for certain services and out-of-pocket expenses.

Limited terms of engagement

If you access free legal services as part of On Call, those free legal services will be provided to you by the relevant Service Provider, not Rocket Lawyer, and Rocket Lawyer shall have no liability to you in respect of those free legal services. The Service Provider may issue to you a letter of engagement or other form of contract before providing the free legal service to you and, if so, the terms of that letter of engagement or contract shall apply to the provision of the free legal service and the relationship between you and the relevant Service Provider.

However, until such time as the Service Provider issues to you its own letter of engagement or contract to you, the following limited terms of engagement shall apply to the provision of the free legal service and the relationship between you and the relevant Service Provider:

  1. The Service Provider will use reasonable skill and care when providing the free legal service.
  2. In any consultation or document review forming part of the free legal service, the Service Provider’s responsibility will be limited to: (i) bringing to your attention the key legal issues that may arise in the situation or in connection with the document about which you are consulting the Service Provider; (ii) highlighting points that you may need to consider further or where you may need further information before proceeding; and (iii) where appropriate, describing some of the main options open to you.
  3. It is in the nature of the free legal service that the Service Provider will only have access to limited information about your situation and/or your proposed use of any document; therefore, the Service Provider cannot as part of the free legal service provide you with definitive legal advice about your situation and the Service Provider cannot recommend that you follow any particular course of action. If you need definitive legal advice or a recommendation on a course of action, you will need to appoint the Service Provider or another lawyer to act for you. Where you appoint the Service Provider, the discounted hourly rates referred to above will apply,
  4. The Service Provider will respond to your enquiries as soon as is reasonably practicable but will not be liable for failing to meet any particular deadline or respond within any particular time scale.
  5. The Service Provider will not be responsible for (and shall have no liability to you in respect of):
    1. use outside of England & Wales of any document or information provided by the Service Provider (for the purposes of On Call and the Free legal service, the Service Provider offers legal services relevant to England & Wales only);
    2. use by any person other than you of any document or information provided by the Service Provider;
    3. verifying the information you provide to the Service Provider or include in any document;
    4. researching or investigating information about your situation or circumstances (the Service Provider will rely on the accuracy and completeness of the information you provide);
    5. supervising or checking the execution of any document or managing or carrying out any transaction on your behalf; and
    6. updating any information provided to you after its date of provision or notifying you of any changes to the law which may be applicable to any situation or document about which you have consulted the Service Provider in the past.

Exclusions from On Call

  • Legal matters outside the Service Provider’s area(s) of legal practice, which are listed in its Lawyer Profile.
  • Legal matters involving the laws of jurisdictions outside England and Wales or its subdivisions (or outside the agreed jurisdiction, if different).
  • Legal matters where the Eligible Member has already retained Service Provider at Service Provider’s usual rates.
  • Any action involving Rocket Lawyer, Service Providers, or Rocket Lawyer’s affiliates directors, officers, employees or agents in any other matter in which they have interests adverse to the Eligible Member’s interests.
  • Legal matters in which a Program Sponsor of the Eligible Member in question has an adverse interest, or in which any director, officer, agent or employee thereof has an adverse interest. For the purposes of this provision, “Program Sponsor” is any company, organization or affiliation that purchases on behalf of its members a Rocket Lawyer legal plan through wholesale channels, retail channels or otherwise.
  • Frivolous legal matters as reasonably determined by the Service Provider.

Rocket Lawyer On Call and Users; Disclaimers

Rocket Lawyer On Call is not an insurance product or pre-paid legal service of any kind. Rocket Lawyer is not a law firm and does not give legal advice. The Website does not create a solicitor-client relationship between you and us. The Website is an online venue that facilitates communication between potential users of legal services and legal professionals. By using Rocket Lawyer On Call, you acknowledge that you are initiating contact with prospective Service Providers. Any communications with Rocket Lawyer do not create a solicitor-client relationship with Rocket Lawyer and are not subject to a solicitor’s duty of confidentiality. Any information provided on the site is not a substitute for the advice of a lawyer.

Although Rocket Lawyer has used its reasonable efforts to ensure that the Service Provider is regulated by the Solicitors’ Regulation Authority (the SRA) and that it carries the professional indemnity insurance required by the SRA, Rocket Lawyer does not accept any liability or responsibility for an Eligible Member’s choice of Service Provider.

Rocket Lawyer does not guarantee that Eligible Members will successfully find legal representation through Rocket Lawyer On Call. Engaging a lawyer is an important decision that should not be based solely upon advertisements. Service Providers may provide certain information regarding legal practice areas, pricing, and experience on their Lawyer Profiles. The Lawyer Profiles are advertisements and you should read and interpret them as such. Rocket Lawyer does not investigate, verify or warrant the accuracy of such information. As stated, Service Providers are third-party independent contractors who are solely responsible for the legal service provided directly to you, not through Rocket Lawyer, using a separate lawyer retainer agreement between you and the Service Provider.

As with all legal situations, you should discuss any concerns you may have regarding the legal representation with your lawyer and get your agreement in writing. Most Services Providers discourage the use of e-mail for confidential or sensitive information. You are solely responsible for assessing the quality, integrity, and trustworthiness of all persons with whom you communicate regarding your legal needs.

Each Service Provider is solely responsible to you for maintaining the lawyer-client relationship and all legal services provided. Each Service Provider reserves the right to make independent professional judgments regarding the legal representations. Rocket Lawyer has no influence on or involvement in the professional services of the Service Providers. No representation is made that the quality of the legal services to be performed is greater than the quality of legal services performed by other lawyers. Results of a lawyer’s prior legal representation do not guarantee a similar outcome.

Rocket Lawyer Legal Plans and Use

You acknowledge and agree that Rocket Lawyer may establish general guidelines regarding On Call, including without limitation, the maximum number of free legal services you may receive in a given period of time. In addition, you are responsible for your own costs of using On Call (e.g. telephone call charges). You also acknowledge and agree that Rocket Lawyer reserves the right to modify or amend these general guidelines at any time, in its sole discretion. Rocket Lawyer will give you [30] days notice of any modification or amendments which cause a material reduction in the availability, benefits and feature of On Call.

If you are entering into this Agreement on behalf of a company or other legal entity, you represent that you have the legal authority to bind such entity to these terms, in which case the terms "you" or "your" shall refer to such entity. If you do not have such authority or if you do not agree with these On Call Terms and Conditions, you may not sign up for or use On Call. If Rocket Lawyer discovers that you do not have authority to bind the entity for which you have purchased the membership, you will be personally responsible for the obligations in this Agreement and your Rocket Lawyer account, including without limitation, any payment obligations.

Rocket Lawyer is not liable for any loss or damage resulting from our reliance on any instruction, notice, document or communication, reasonably believed by us to be genuine and delivered by an authorised representative of your company. If there is reasonable doubt regarding the authenticity of any such instruction, notice, document, or communication, we may, but are not obliged to, require additional authentication from you. You must immediately alert Rocket Lawyer of any fraudulent, unauthorized, illegal, or suspicious use of On Call, or any other breach of security or unauthorised or illegal activity that you reasonably suspect.

Eligible Members and Service Providers:

Eligible Members have the right to file a complaint with the Solicitors’ Regulation Authority or other relevant regulatory body concerning the conduct of a Service Provider.

Copyright and trademark notices

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